New Discovery | Down South by Jeremy Loops ft. Motheo Moleko


Yesterday I went on a road trip, discovered a dope song and now I’m a happy chipmunk. The track is by Jeremy Loops (ft. Motheo Moleko) and it’s called Down South, which can be found on his debut album Trading Change.

Trading Change Deluxe Jeremy Loops Debut Album
Image via

If you think that folk music and hip hop can’t make mutual business, you might want to think again. Down South is an amazing track that shows how good two completely different genres can sound together when thrown into the same song. If I had to choose one word to describe it, it would be progressive as it shows that blurring the strict lines between various types of music can work out incredibly well. You simply need to be open-minded and unafraid of going after your passion.

Please give Down South a listen! It is SO. GOOD. I promise :).
What are your road trip songs by the way? Do you have any suggestions?

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