Top 3 | New Releases


I’m sorry for the repetitive blog post themes, but #NewMusicFriday has been on fire this month! These are my favorite picks from today’s releases:

Halsey feat. Lauren Jauregui | Strangers

GUYS. THIS. SONG. IS. EVERYTHING. Two incredible female vocalists came together to work on a song and release to the world. Both, Halsey and Lauren have raspy voices, but while Lauren’s is stronger and more powerful, Halsey’s is very soft and airy – they compliment each other perfectly. I HOPE there is going to be a music video and that they’re going to perform the song together a couple of times because I’m dying to hear a live version of this.

Martin Garrix feat. Troye Sivan | There For You

I have been waiting for this song ever since it was premiered at Coachella this year. It’s crazy to think that Troye Sivan, the guy who I used to watch on YouTube, now has a song with non other than Martin Garrix. I feel like most EDM songs barely have lyrics, let alone meaningful ones but what Troye is singing in this song is relatable. It is something that has a story and that can be felt.

Rita Ora | Your Song

After 343892 years, Rita Ora is finally back with a new track called Your Song. Can you believe it? SHE’S BACK. The song is a very fun, upbeat track about enjoying being in love – it is exactly the kind of music you want to listen to in the summer.
Let’s hope that this time around she will put out an album!


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