Top 3 | New Releases


So. many. amazing. songs. were. released. today.
Oh. My. God.

Here are my three favorites:

Camila Cabello | Crying In The Club

I’m SO happy that Camila is finally releasing her own music! Crying In The Club is her first song off her debut album The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving and I. love. it. so. much. The song is part of The Healing chapter where she realizes that she can actually move on with her life and that deep down she knows she is ready to heal from whatever/whoever hurt her. The song is basically what I needed to hear.

Astrid S | Party’s Over

Astrid S is back with a new song. Uhm, do I need to say more? She is such a unique yet underrated artist and I am impatiently waiting for her to chill in the Top 10 charts in my country. With Party’s Over, a song that emphasizes how much she loves being and having fun with a certain person and living in the moment together, she is certainly one step closer to that.

Lauv | I Like Me Better

As much as I love songs that support independence and being enough on your own, I do really enjoy Lauv’s new single where he admits that he likes the side a girl manages to bring out in him. He seems to be happier and feel more alive because of her, which shows how powerful the feelings for one person can be.  It makes you want to freeze the moment and stay with that person forever. Isn’t that beautiful?


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