Current Obsession | At My Best by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Hailee Steinfeld


I’m obsessed with positive and honest in-your-face kickass songs and At My Best is one of those tracks. The fact that it’s featuring the lovely Hailee Steinfeld makes it even better:

At My Best Machine Gun Kelly Hailee Steinfeld
Image via

If you have been feeling lost for a while, then I think this song might comfort you. Everybody struggles, fails and falls at some point in their live but that does not mean that it is going to stay that way. Yeah sure, you make mistakes and might disappoint some people along the way but at the end of the day life is about finding yourself, getting back on your feet when somebody knocks you down and doing the best you can to make most of your life. What’s important is that you find those people in your life who love you and got your back even when you are at your lowest. Way too many people expect others to become like them and to change themselves in order to fit in. Screw. That. Seriously. Be who you want to be and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Stand up for what you believe in and achieve your goals. Be happy. You only got one life so you better live it the way it pleases YOU.

To me, those are the main messages of the song. I find it quite comforting that there is a song out there that makes me feel less alone. It’s the last track in my Winter 2016/17 playlist – make sure you check it out!

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