Scene Stealer | Hold On by Chord Overstreet


The Vampire Diaries aka the TV show with the most amazing soundtrack has come to an end. In terms of music, the series finale did definitely not disappoint. The song that stuck out to me the most is called Hold On by Chord Overstreet:

Chord Overstreet Hold On The Vampire Diaries

Just like last week I decided to briefly talk about a song that manages to explain my feelings better than I ever could. No matter what your story is, losing someone is never easy. You feel lost and do not understand what is happening around you. While I do think that the pain people feel in those situations speaks for itself, I feel like admitting that you are not ready to let go is a whole different thing. It is okay to feel lost, alone and hurt. Admitting those things, however, requires a lot of strength which is probably why I like this song so much.

Hold on, I still want you / Come back, I still need you

Pain is pain. It sucks and it hurts and there is not much you can do about it. I like that those lyrics are straightforward, because it’s the simplicity of those words that manage to stir up the feelings. Does any of this make sense? Yes, no?

I added the song to my Winter 2016/17 playlist. Make sure you check it out! Oh, and grab some tissues while you’re at it.


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