Jess Recommends | Liability by Lorde


I never thought that one day I would be recommending Lorde’s music but here I am doing exactly that. Liability is a new song from her sophomore album called Melodrama and it is going to hit you right in the feels.

Lorde Melodrama Album Cover
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The second the song started playing I knew there was something special about it. Then I heard the first three lines of the song and they instantly filled me with emotions and memories. You know that feeling when you find new music and the lyrics describe your situation so perfectly that you don’t even know how to feel about. That is the state of mind I am in right now. If I had to describe my thoughts of the past three weeks, I would choose the lyrics of the chorus, which goes like this:

They say, “You’re a little much for me / You’re a liability / You’re a little much for me” / So they pull back, make other plans / I understand, I’m a liability / Get you wild, make you leave / I’m a little much for /E-a-na-na-na, everyone

Thinking that you ruined something beautiful and that it is all your fault is one of the worst feelings ever, which is why those lyrics are so close to my heart. What I find interesting, however, is that while I associate her song with my broken romantic relationship, she was inspired by friends and maybe family who find it difficult to adjust to her new lifestyle because she is perceived as a liability (read more here). Isn’t it interesting how one song can be interpreted in many different ways and still be just as meaningful to everyone? I feel like it combines pain and encouragement, which seems odd but it kind of works anyway.

Anyway, I hope that you will listen to the song and fall in love with it just as much as I did. Go to  Genius to find the full lyrics. The entire album is out June 16.


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