Current Obsession | Lions by Skip Marley


At the beginning of this month I found a song called Lions by Skip Marley and I. am. obsessed. Like. for. real.

Skip Marley Lions Single Cover Artwork
Image via

As much as I love listening to beautiful heartbreak and fun party songs, I get very excited when artists use their music to spread important, political messages. Music speaks to people, it makes them feel good, comforts them and gives them hope. I believe that it has the power to influence how one perceives certain topics and happenings.

The reason I love Lions by Skip Marley is because he speaks up about political injustice and how our generation is not going to back down and be fooled any longer. He stresses the importance of taking a stand against leaders who practically promote hate and war through lies and scheming. To him, we are lions who will fight and demonstrate for their rights, who will not get influenced by political toxic and who have the power to make a change in this world. It is a very encouraging song with a powerful message and I would LOVE to hear more songs like this on the radio.


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