New Discovery | We Don’t Know by The Strumbellas


You know that feeling when life smacks you in the face and everything just sucks and then you find a song that is exactly what you needed in that very moment? Well, I am in that situation right now and the song that has been comforting me the past days is called We Don’t Know by The Strumbellas:

The Strumbellas Hope Album Cover
Image via

 ‘And you’re down and you’re hurting ’cause you don’t feel loved’

If I had to pick a lyric that perfectly described my feelings, it would be this one. In fact, it is so accurate it hurts. But, and I guess this is the important thing, it shows me that I am not alone in this. Somewhere in this world there is someone who is feeling the same way I am right now and while going through this period of life sucks, it will get better eventually. I mean it has to, right (seriously though, it needs to get better asap)? The song reminds me that everyone feels lost/unwanted/unloved/unhappy/unworthy sometimes but that is just how life is. There is no rainbow without pouring rain, right? Hopefully, my rainbow is waiting for me somewhere around the corner.

If you had to pick a song that suited your emotions in this very moment of your life, which one would you choose? I’m curious.

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