Jess Recommends | Changing by John Mayer


Today John Mayer released a new EP called The Search for Everything: Wave One. While I suggest you listen to the entire record, I recommend listening to one song in particular: Changing.

John Mayer Wave One Album Cover Artwork
Image via

The reason this song stuck out to me immediately is because the message is the most relatable one I have heard in a while (except for Castle On The Hill by Ed Sheeran, of course). It perfectly describes something that is part of human nature: changing. When I was younger I always thought that people who kept becoming someone else over and over again, not knowing who they wanted to be or what they wanted to do in life, were irresponsible and childish. As I got older, however, I realized that changing over the course of time is nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, it is brave. While we already live in a very advanced century, we do only have one life which we are supposed to enjoy and live to the fullest. What is the point of being someone you do not want to be? Humans have the ability to change their perspectives, thoughts, feelings, bodies, perceptions etc. Being able to leave negative attitudes behind is a privilege that everyone should make use of. The song perfectly showcases how you feel when you go through certain changes and how the mixed feelings from people in your life affect you. This is why I like the song and I know that you will appreciate it too. Nobody likes being alone and Changing by John Mayer will make sure you feel anything but isolated.


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