Playlist | Winter 2016/17


I have been working on my new Winter 2016/17 playlist for a few weeks now and thought it was time for me to upload it to the blog. I am taking my time with this one because I have become really picky about what song and style I want this playlist to be.

This is what I have been listening to:

So far, I feel like the playlist turned out a bit dark but in a cool, mysterious way. I added some incredible artists I have never heard of before and I would like to keep it this way. There are singers everyone listens to (hello, Ed Sheeran ♡) and I will add some of their music to the playlist but I really enjoy finding those under the radar artists. It is not easy to find the ones who have an extinct sound but I will try my very best to introduce you all to new music. What do you think of my Winter 2016/17 so far? Do you have any recommendations? Leave them in the comments below, please!

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