New Release | Castle On The Hill & Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran


This is my first blog post in 2017 and I could not be happier to kick off this new year by writing about the incredibly talented Ed Sheeran who is back with TWO brand new songs:
Castle On The Hill & Shape Of You
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WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN (I will try my best not to fangirl)?

When I first heard the preview of Castle On The Hill I did not think I would love the song as much as I do now. This uptempo song keeps getting better and better the more you listen to it. Whenever you think ‘omg, this song is so good’ his voice cracks in the chorus and all you think is ‘OMG, THIS SONG IS SO GOOD’. You know what I mean? All I can think of is how amazing it would be if Ed kicked off this future shows with this song. I can totally imagine everybody getting super hyped if they were at his show and this was the song he would start the night with. The more minutes pass within the song the more I can feel the energy build up in me. I guess what I love most about Castle On The Hill is how it makes me feel. The message is beautiful and relatable and you instantly realize that you are not alone. The song remembers you of the feeling when you have not seen the people you grew up with in a very long time and then you return to a certain place and talk about what everyone has been up to and while doing so you reminisce about the good old times. It also makes you realize that while everybody is grown up now, things are not necessarily better and chances are you are just as clueless as the 6 year old version of you.

Shape Of You is a whole different song and was intended to be written for Rihanna (I’m glad he kept it though). This is one of those tracks where you listen to it and instantly know it is going to be one of your favorites. I feel like this is a lot catchier than Castle On The Hill and it simply excites me on a whole different level.

Last night you were in my room and now my bed sheets smell like you.

Look at all those familiar feelings fly across the room. It’s magical. The song is able to make you desire something and it describes (making) love without being too explicit. People still understand what the message is and they are able to use their imagination to fill in the blanks. Also, I think that Shape Of You has a very haunting effect which makes listening to the song a lot more fun.

In case you are wondering: I love both songs. I prefer the lyrics of Castle On The Hill and I love the instrumentals in Shape Of You. What do you think of Ed Sheeran’s new music? Is it better or worse than you expected? I am VERY excited for his new album to finally be out ♡.

2 thoughts on “New Release | Castle On The Hill & Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran

  1. yaaaaas i found a fellow fangirl! *virtual high five!* and wow your review is so well-written! it’s like someone managed to put what i felt into words ❤


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