New Release | Perfectly Imperfect by Grace VanderWaal


Grace VanderWaal finally released her first EP called Perfectly Imperfect and it’s so, so, SO GOOD:

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Okay, so first of all: If you do not know who Grace VanderWaal is – WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN (earlier this year Grace auditioned for America’s Got Talent and she won)?

Today she put out her debut EP Perfectly Imperfect, which features five tracks including I Don’t Know My Name, the song she auditioned with. I promise that you will fall in love with her music the second you listen to it. Despite the fact that Grace is only 12 years old, her songs are very-well written. They are honest, raw, and believable and it is very easy to relate to their message. Besides her capability to write gorgeous lyrics, she is, of course, an incredible vocalist. Her voice sounds a little bit raspy when it cracks and I LOVE THAT. It is a very unique feature to have and I think that will make it very easy for people to recognize her voice once they know who she is.

I can only hope that the radio stations will play her music because this insanely talented cutie pie truly deserves it. Grace VanderWaal already stands out as an artist because she is so damn real and not yet polluted by the nasty side of the music industry.