Scene Stealer | Find What You’re Looking For by Flint Eastwood


Yes, I am back with a scene stealer blog post. There are some TV shows that have the absolute best background music so I decided to highlight a few of my favorites. My most recent discovery was on Teen Wolf (Season 6, Episode 2):

Find What You’re Looking For by Flint Eastwood

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If you watch the current season of Teen Wolf, you will know how perfect that song choice was. Those of you, who are not familiar with it: the sixth season is about people disappearing and being erased from everyone’s lives and memories. The scene in which Flint Eastwood’s song was used showed Lydia at the high school. She was walking past the lockers where she was drawn to a particular one. She could not figure out why she stopped ,  what she was doing there and who she was supposed to meet. To me, that was a very important scene because it showed that while her brain was not able to remember, her heart was definitely looking for something (familiar). As soon as Find What You’re Looking For was playing, I knew I would end up loving it so much that I would write about it on my blog. I have no idea what it is about the song that makes me love it so much. All I know is how it makes me feel and it is this weird combination of calmness and excitement.

I added the song to my Autumn 2016 playlist – make sure to check it out:

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