Concert | Justin Bieber


Attention: The following blog post might contain some spoilers. Stop reading if you haven’t seen Justin Bieber on his Purpose world tour yet. I don’t want to ruin the experience for you.

I made a list of things you will need if you want to survive the pre-show madness:

  1. Nerves.
  2. Patience.
  3. Stamina.
  4. A chilled mindset.
  5. Dr. Martens (or any other type of shoe that protects your feet).
  6. A hair tie (if you have long ass hair like I do).
  7. A bodyguard (or boyfriend).

Once you are equipped with all the things listed above, I guarantee you will FREAKING LOVE BIEBS’ SHOW OMG ASJFLSJDLSA.

I have been listening to Justin’s music ever since the release of his very first single and I cannot believe I finally had the chance to see him perform live. At first, it was a weird feeling seeing him in front of me and watching him sing, dance, talk and entertain on a stage instead of my computer screen. The shrieking crowd, however, reminded me that I was definitely not dreaming and so I managed to enjoy every second the show.

One of my highlights was the stage production, which was simply out this world. There was a freaking trampoline hanging from the ceiling above the crowd, Justin was sliding down a skating ramp (at least that’s what it looked like to me),… So many things were going on with and on that stage and I was just standing there like ‘what…? woooaah… but like how…?’. I feel like you need to watch the show three times in order to be able to focus on the stage production, choreographies and music. At some point I was thinking to myself ‘wait, can you do this again, I don’t know what just happened’.

Most of the songs Justin performed were taken from his current album, Purpose, but he did also sing some of his biggest hits like Baby, Boyfriend, Cold Water or Let Me Love You. His acoustic session was a bit short for my taste but other than that I was really satisfied with the set-list. Some of my favorite performances were I’ll Show You, The Feeling (♡♡♡), Cold Water, Children, Life Is Worth Living and Sorry.

What surprised me the most was that a) he performed The Feeling (I didn’t think he’d do it without Halsey ♡) and b) he did a quick Q&A. The latter was probably the most nerve-wracking part of the entire show because I was afraid that people might ask something stupid or too personal. Luckily, people behaved.

I could go on and on about why Justin Bieber and his amazing band, dancers and crew put on such an incredible show but all I’ll say right now is that it was worth every cent and I genuinely wish people stopped judging someone who puts his heart and soul into everything he does.

Oh, before I forget it: Justin was supported by MiC LOWRY and The Knocks. Make sure you check out both of them!

MiC LOWRY | © Henriette Jessica Kádár
The Knocks | © Henriette Jessica Kádár
Justin Bieber | © Henriette Jessica Kádár
Justin Bieber | © Henriette Jessica Kádár
Justin Bieber | © Henriette Jessica Kádár
Justin Bieber | © Henriette Jessica Kádár




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