Current Obsession | End of the Summer by Alec Benjamin


Ever since I discovered End of the Summer I have been listening to it non-stop. It. is. so. beautiful. Here are some of my arguments:

Image via

The melody is beautiful.

The chorus gets stuck in your head.

He’s got a clear, unique voice.

The lyrics are honest, raw and relatable.

The message makes you re-think your relationships.

You realize how much you miss summer (because of the title, duh).

I discovered this song about two months ago and I have been listening to it every single day (no joke). He recently released his first music video for The Water Fountain, which you can watch here. Once again, I absolutely love the story he tells through his music. It is very relatable and and parts of the lyrics take you back to certain points in your life where you experienced a similar thing like him. There are only a few artists who have the ability to write like that and to me, Alec Benjamin is one of them. I genuinely hope that one day his music will reach the masses because this guy definitely deserves to be heard.


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