Jess Recommends | Heaven by OneRepublic


A few weeks ago OneRepublic released their new album Oh My My and one of my favorite songs is Heaven:

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Out of all the songs on the album, Heaven is the one that stood out to me the most. The chorus got stuck in my head and I could not help but play it on repeat. I can totally imagine the song become a huge success, which is why I hope they are going to choose it as their next single (you’re going to love it, guys – I promise).

I think the reason I like this song is because there is something so empowering about its message. It is about being in a relationship with someone even though your friends and family do not think that you and your bf/gf belong together. They do not believe that you are good for each other and that you can make the relationship work. You, however, decide to listen to your heart instead of everybody’s opinion. The positive feelings take control over bad ones and I think there is something very liberating yet dangerous about that.

Have you guys listened to the song? What do you think? I’m curious x


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