Current Obsession | The Altar by BANKS


BANKS aka one of my favorite artists ever released her second LP The Altar a couple weeks ago and I have been obsessing over it ever since. Let’s talk about it, shall we?

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While it is true that every artist is unique in their own way, I still think that some manage to stand out more than others. BANKS’ music may not be constantly on the radio (at least not in Austria), but she has a big and loyal fan base who, just like me, was eager to listen to her new album. I admit that I was not really touched by the first couple songs she shared with us, but as soon as I listened to the full album, I was addicted to everything I heard.

Her songs are brutally honest and confrontational, which is what I love most about her music. She is not a sweet talker, nor is she someone who apologizes for her lyrics. Through  her music, BANKS shows that women are able to have an opinion as well and that she will not back down, just because some people in the music industry demand a different behavior from a female artist.

I feel like each track on The Altar has a mysterious and haunting element to it. Whether it’s the lyrics or the melody (or the combination of both), BANKS has the ability to make you think about her music long after you listened to it. The new music is incredibly well written and, once again, is a reflection of the capabilities of a true artist.

Trainwreck, Weaker Girl and To The Hilt are my favorite songs from the album – what are yours?


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