New Release | Everything by Lido


It’s here, guys. Lido’s debut album Everything is officially released and I feel like a five year old kid on Christmas Eve.

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Ever since I heard Lido‘s remix of Left Hand Free (originally by Alt-J) I was dying to hear a full-length record featuring his own music. His debut album Everything includes 11 tracks, which will probably be on repeat for the next few weeks (yeah, I actually mean that).

As soon as you listen to his songs, you will understand why I constantly fangirl over his music. He’s got a very distinct and unique style that makes you recognize his new songs even if you haven’t heard them before. By doing so, he clearly separates himself from other artists. I mean come on, guys – have you seen the video where he performed his remix of BANKS’ song Drowning with an orchestra? Oh, and the fact that he produced Halsey’s debut album BADLANDS aka one of my favorite records ever? Those are just some of the things that got me really excited for his own album. He may not be known to the masses just yet, but I love that he sort of created his own genre, which distinguishes him from other producers.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about how you produce a track and due to my lack of vocabulary in this area I have no idea how to further describe Lido’s style BUT I love his music way too much to ignore it on my blog!

My favorite songs are Murder, Crazy and Angel – what are yours? You can listen to Everything on Spotify:


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