Upcoming Releases | October 2016


Autumn continues to bless our ears with new music from our favorite artists as well as talented underdogs, who are about to introduce themselves to the world. These are some of the releases I am looking forward to this month:

Lido | Everything

Holy freaking shit. You have no idea how excited I am for this record to finally be released. Everything is Lido’s debut album and I have a feeling that it will be just as incredible and spectacular as his fans think it will be – if not better. Lido’s unique sound and attempt to combine elements of classical music with electronic music is only one of the aspects that make him stand out amongst others. He is an unbelievably talented producer and I am so excited to watch more and more people slowly but surely fall in love with his music. Everything is out October 7.

OneRepublic | Oh My My

Let’s be real for a second: has OneRepublic ever disappointed us? No, of course not. They have been changing their style a lot over the years, which I am sure we will hear on their new album. They sort of go with the flow (sorry, I know this sounds cringy) and adapt the changes in and of the music industry without losing what makes them so special. They manage to come up with new styles and still stay true to themselves. I think that is one of the hardest things you can do as a band so am I excited to hear what their new music will sound like. Oh My My is out October 7.

Tove Lo | Lady Wood

Tove Lo is definitely an artist who stands out and makes sure people know her music. More importantly: she is authentic, which I think is one of the most important things in this industry. I feel like she uses her songs to challenge people’s perception of various topics, which is just another thing that makes her special. While I am not her biggest fan (yet!), I  am still excited for Lady Wood to be released. For some reason I feel like it is going to be a really great and successful record. Lady Wood is out October 28.

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