Artist of the Month | Shawn Mendes


I hope you are ready for a Shawn Mendes appreciation post because I am about to shower this cutie pie with compliments:

Shawn Mendes Illuminate Album Cover
Image via

I have not written about this topic in a while because I choose the singers for my Artist of the Month posts very carefully. That does not mean that nobody is working hard and achieving things in the music industry, I just decided to dedicate this topic to musicians who I believe are absolutely killing it on any level.

Shawn Mendes is one of those artists. He has been on top of his game for quite a while now, which he proved by releasing his second LP called Illuminate. The record shows how much he has grown personally, vocally, and artistically since his debut album Handwritten came out last year. You can hear in his voice that he pushes himself to be the best he can be and I have no idea how he intends to top that. Apart from his voice, he also worked on his songwriting skills, which I am so pleased with. Don’t get me wrong, I really like his previous songs. The new ones, however, are extremely well written. They make me feel emotions I did not know I had in me (no, not like that, you perverts!). Each lyric gives off some serious relationship vibes that make you want to fall in love. Seriously, how can you not be in ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw’ mode, when you hear something like this:

And I can’t deny I want your body / But I’m a gentleman so I’ll be / The one who takes it slowly / Cause girl you’re so beautiful

or this:

Is that I hate to hurt you / But I got to be honest / I can’t give you what you need, oh / You deserve more than I can promise

He’s practically breaking our hearts and making them beat faster at same time… Not cool, Shawn. Not cool.

What’s cool, though, is that he is going on a world tour and YES, he is coming to Vienna, Austria. Check out his website for more infos.


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