In the Spotlight | EDEN


I’m back with another “In the Spotlight” blog post! This time I would like to introduce you all to EDEN – an Irish singer/producer who is soon going to become your new favorite artist.

EDEN I think you think too much of me EP
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If you are one of those people who always finds artists right before the masses go absolutely crazy for them, then you already know that EDEN (formerly known as The Eden Project) is going to be one of them. His latest EP i think you think too much of me has definitely raised people’s attention and made them talk about his music. But wait, what kind of music does he produce? To be completely honest with you: I am not quite sure. These days it gets harder and harder to classify a song as a certain genre, which is not necessarily a bad thing. According to iTunes, EDEN released an Alternative EP but to me, there is also some EDM in there. But you know what? I genuinely think that the genre does not matter because whatever it is that this 20 year old Irish guy is producing – it is working and it’s amazing.

The lyrics are honest, relatable and very-well written. His voice and unique sound are the cherry on top. Also, I would say that the way he is presenting himself and his music is probably one of the reasons why he was able to create a loyal and excited fan base. Yes, I know that the latter criterion can be applied to everyone. BUT: He manages to stick out amongst artists who create similar music (genre wise) and are more known to people, which is really impressive considering the competitions that’s out there.

This is the track list of i think you think too much of me:

1 | sex

2 | drugs

3 | and

4 | rock + roll

5 | Fumes (feat. gnash)

6 | XO

7 | Circles

Even the way he writes the titles of his songs is unique and shows how much thought he puts into details. Rather than telling a story through a song, he uses his entire EP to get across his message, which already distinguishes him from others.

EDEN is an incredible young and driven artist who is definitely part of a generation, which is about to shake up the music industry and I cannot wait to see that happen. You can check out his music here.


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