New Discovery | Stay Gold by Ryan Beatty


I have discovered some amazing new songs and artists these past few weeks and I cannot wait to show them to you! First discovery: Stay Gold by Ryan Beatty.

Image via


If you are familiar with his music you will immediately recognize how different his new style is. Stay Gold has got a very distinct, unique sound that shows a completely different side of Ryan. He completely reinvented his music and made sure that people do not think of him as this cute little boy anymore. The singer knows exactly what his music should sound like and won’t let anyone come in his way.

The lyrics are fun, daring and well-written. Not only is it easy to picture the various scenes he is describing in the song, it also allows listeners to make up their own associations and get lost in the music.

I don’t really have anything else to say except that I’m really excited for his future releases. His music changed a lot but in a very good and interesting way. Make sure you check him out on Soundcloud – he uploads original songs as well as some covers.

ps.: look how pretty the cover artwork is!!

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