Underrated | So Bad by Brandon Skeie


Today I’m introducing you to a new category on my blog called “Underrated”. As much as I enjoy listening to a hit song every once in a while, my main love goes out to all of those underrated artists who are insanely talented yet struggle to get the attention they truly deserve. This is why I created this blog: I want to introduce people to singers who are absolutely killing it without being on the charts. The song I’m going to talk about today is called

So Bad

Image via instagram.com/brandonskeie

I randomly found this song on Spotify a couple days ago and I freaking love it! It’s one of those songs that instantly gets stuck in your head and you can’t help but listen to on repeat. The chorus is very catchy, simple, repetitive and easy to remember – you have been warned!

So Bad came out in January and I genuinely hope it will get some attention from the masses. It’s a well-written, uptempo pop song and it goes perfectly with the kind of music that is played on the radio at the moment. It looks like there are going to be a lot of EDM songs dominating the music industry this summer and I think that So Bad would be a great alternative for those who aren’t necessarily a fan of that genre but still want to listen to something fun and upbeat.

Brandon Skeie released a great debut single, which shows off his amazing vocal assets. Sadly, he hasn’t put out a follow-up single yet and according to his tweet, there won’t be an album this year either BUT he also said he is working on some new tracks and that he’s eager to release them asap. I’m excited to hear them!


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