New Release | From the Grave by Juliet Simms


You know what I love more than a cute boy with a raspy voice? A GIRL with a raspy voice – especially if she is a rock/alternative singer.

This is why today’s blog post is dedicated to Juliet Simms and the release of her new EP From the Grave:

Image via

I first heard of Juliet Simms when I saw her on the The Voice (US). She covered Roxanne, which was by far one of the best performances in the history of the show. Ever. EVER. I immediately fell in love with her and have been following her journey since that day.

Today she finally released her highly anticipated 8-track EP From the Grave and it’s just as badass as I expected it to be. She offers some uptempo songs (Get Ready, Say Hello) that you can bang your head to as well as some beautiful acoustic story-of-your-life-ballads (Found Missing).

Her music paves the way for all the girls out there who are waiting to break free and show the world that they can, indeed, be badass too. There are so many male rockers who are absolutely killing it with their music and I think it would be nice to see more female singers choosing to create alternative/rock music. Juliet Simms has got such a rich, raspy and smoky voice and I wish the mainstream audience would finally recognize her impeccable talent. SHE IS DOPE.

Keep doing your thing, Juliet. It’s amazing. Oh, and if you are actually reading this: Your song Say Hello would be PERFECT for this TV show called Lucifer. Please spam them with your music.


ps.: There’s tons of new music coming out today! The Pretty Reckless are back with Take Me Down, the first single from their new album, Britney Spears teamed up with G-Eazy on a song called Make Me…, Katy Perry released Rise, Snakeships have a new track with no other than Zayn called Cruel, M.I.A. is back with a song called Go Off and 5 Seconds of Summer finally released Girls Talk Boys, which is featured on the Ghostbusters soundtrack. What a day!


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