New Discovery | Niykee Heaton


I found a new artist a couple days ago and I am so excited to finally be able to share my new discovery with you. Her name is Niykee Heaton and I freaking. love. her. music.

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Niykee Heaton’s music was recommended to me on YouTube. I usually don’t pay attention to channels that I am not subscribed to but for some reason I was intrigued by the singer’s name and video. I checked out the song and whilst people were busy spreading hate in the comment section I was very much enjoying her new single she recorded with Migos called Bad Intentions.

I could not have cared less about all the shit people were saying about her, which is why I decided to listen to The Bedroom Tour Playlist, Niykee Heaton’s album. OH MY GOD. Guys, I feel like I found a gold mine. I LOVE her music. The Pop record was released in March and I honestly cannot believe it took me so long to stumble across her.

The songs are very honest, sultry and explicit but you have probably already guessed that by the cover artwork. Most of the songs are about love and sex, accompanied by acoustic guitar which makes the music sound even more sensual and dirty (yup, dirty. trust me).

If you have some free time or feel like procrastinating, please go and check out Niykee Heaton’s music. I’m absolutely obsessed with it and it’s been on repeat for days. My favorite songs are I’m Ready, Bad Intentions, Infinity and Mask.

Here’s The Bedroom Tour Playlist:

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