Playlist | Summer 2016


Summer is finally here and so is my Summer 2016 playlist on Spotify! I’m trying to keep it diverse, which means that I’m making a conscious effort about the songs that I add. There are so many talented, independent artists out there who, in my opinion, could easily kick out some artists sitting in the top 10 charts. People just need to be a little bit open-minded and pay attention to the underdogs, that’s all. This is why I’ll try to feature as many of them as possible. There might be a familiar song/artist here and there but they will definitely be the minority. 

If you would like to discover some artists the masses don’t listen to then feel free to stop by and say hi on Spotify – all of my playlists are public! Oh, and if you’re new around here and don’t know how I handle things: my Summer 2016 playlist (or any other playlist, for that matter) includes songs that I LISTEN TO IN SUMMER. It’s NOT going to be a mashup of every summer themed song that’ll be released this year…  Got it? Cool, listen to my Summer 2016 playlist here:

(ps.: I am going to be adding songs to this playlist until September 22nd so if you have any recommendations for me you can leave them in the comment section below!)

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