New Discovery | Way Down We Go by Kaleo

A couple days ago I was checking out various charts on Shazam. I didn’t care about the chart positions themselves, I just wanted to find something new, something that people have been looking up a lot recently but still not enough to get the song played on (Austrian) radio.

I was about to close the app when I finally stumbled across a song that I have never heard before – not even the band! And while I admit that I can’t possibly now every single track of every single musician out there, I dare to say that I know quite a few of those underdogs whose music is a gem.

The song that I would like to introduce y’all to this time is called Way Down We Go by Kaleo, taken from their debut album A/B which will be out June 10th.

Image via

If you’re looking for a bluesy rock song accompanied by a deep, raspy voice and some well-played guitar strings, then look no further cause I got your back. Listen to this song and you won’t be able to get the chorus out of your head (you’re welcome). This is definitely the kind of music I enjoy listening to in bars or on road trips. It simply gives off some great vibes and I would LOVE to see the band perform this live. Unfortunately, it’s hard for this type of genre to appeal to the masses but maybe there are some open-minded people out there who don’t give a shit about genres and simply let themselves be inspired by the beauty of the unknown.

The music video was shot inside a freaking volcano, which, to me, is just as fun to watch as Taylor Swift’s video for Bad Blood. The acoustics there must have been insane!

ps.: This song would be perfect for The Originals! I already tweeted Chris Mollere, the music supervisor of the show – let’s hope he will see it!

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