New Release | Astrid S


Okay, I admit it. The amount of time I have talked about Astrid S on my blog is ridiculous. I might as well call my blog JesslistenstoAstridS. But here’s the thing: I believe in her music and potential, which is why I am going to support her wherever I can. Her voice deserves to be heard, especially now that she FINALLY released her self-titled debut EP.

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This is by far one of the best debut EPs that has ever been released. Ever. Each track is unique yet together they create this beautiful, distinct sound that shows exactly what kind of artist Astrid S wants to be. While other musicians seem to wander around, trying to figure out how they would like people to see them, the Norwegian singer has already made up her mind at the age of 19.

The EP consists of five tracks, including her newest single Hurts So Good. All of the tracks are upbeat except for the last one, I Don’t Wanna Know, which is on the slower side. Most of the songs showcase the balance of love and betrayal, fragility and strength. The lyrics give off some serious  ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ vibes. There is one song, however, that is completely different regarding the message: Jump. Lyrically speaking, this is my favorite song.

If I fell with no one around / Would it even make a sound? / Cause I can’t even make one now / And I get these thoughts in my head / But I wouldn’t do it anyway / Or at least that’s what I say

I could write a whole blog post where I’m analyzing the deep meaning of the song but I’ll leave its message to your imagination. All I’m saying is that it’s quite scary how much I am able to relate to this song.

Astrid S has definitely outdone herself. The second I heard her first single 2AM, I KNEW she would become one of the most intriguing artists. Her music is one of a kind, which is why her fan base keeps growing. Being on tour with Troye Sivan has definitely introduced her to a new audience and I am excited to see which song will take her to the top of the charts. Until then, I highly suggest you listen to her debut EP (I will kick your lovely butts if you don’t):

ps.: The gorgeous Astrid S is not the only one releasing new music today! Ariana Grande has put out a new album called Dangerous Woman and Bea Miller is back with her new single Yes Girl.


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