Current Obsession | Out by Kristina Bazan


Alright, guys: grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of champaign because I’ve got a feeling this blog post is going to be a long one. Kristina Bazan aka my favorite fashion and lifestyle blogger released her debut single Out.

So, who is this girl?

I discovered Kristina a few years ago when she was still posting her looks on a website called Lookbook. There was something so fascinating about the way she used statement accessories to upgrade her style and I admired the way she managed to combine high end designer clothes with brands like Zara. Her way of approaching fashion has changed a lot since then but I find it just as captivating and inspiring. What I love most about Kristina is her motivation, determination and strive to push herself everyday, to challenge herself and to keep up the positive energy in an industry where your success can literally end from one day to another. There are not many people who manage to actually inspire me and convince me to get out of my comfort zone and discover the beauty of things that may be hidden at first.

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Kristina Bazan recently released her debut single Out. She’d been posting hints regarding her music a couple days prior and I couldn’t help but wonder what the song would sound like. Yes, I know this is the case with every upcoming music release but Kristina is famous for her fashion related success. I had no idea what genre she was going for and what sound she would use to officially introduce herself to an audience that has always known her as a blogger.

What’s the song like, you’re asking?

Out is a very beautiful and haunting pop song. She sings the verses in a lower vocal range, which makes the track sound more mysterious. The melody is really catchy and I always find myself humming the chorus. What surprises me the most is the quality of the lyrics. If there’s one thing I truly care about when it comes to music it’s the level of songwriting. Even though the verses are quite short, I really like the pre-chorus and chorus, which take up most of the song. My favorite parts are:

feels like sweet poison in me | and it drives me insane

there’s nowhere  I can be | I’m losing it, killing me | get out of my mind

The song turned out great and I’m excited to see what else Kristina Bazan has in store for ur. Out sounds a lot better than expected and I hope she’ll release an EP soon. So far she’s expressed herself through fashion and blog posts, which have evolved a lot since I discovered her.  Music is the next step in her career and I can’t wait to see where it’ll take her.

Listen to Out and let me know what you think!

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