New Discovery | Psycle London


Guys, we need to talk. So, uhm, you know when people go to a different country and do things that a typical tourist would do? Well, I did that… sort of. Actually, I did something else. I went to the gym. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking BUT considering it was my first time in three years that I did some proper sports I have to admit that discovering the inside of that establishment came pretty close to what people refer to as sightseeing.

The place I am talking about is called Psycle. Listen, if bikes are your thing then this will take you straight to heaven. Not gonna lie though: the classes are intense and require your full body to give no less than 110%. Those 45 minutes definitely kicked my ass but I enjoyed every second of it. The room you are in is almost pitch black. There are some colorful neon lamps across the ceiling but I don’t think they have much purpose besides looking super badass. It’s almost like this fancy underground club that only cool people know of. Here’s why I was enjoying the darkness: it gave people the chance to focus on themselves – and only on themselves. No competition, no jealousy, no fear. Everything I did was for myself. Not because other women’s bodies made me feel insecure about mine, not because I wanted to get attention and certainly not because I wanted brag about by (non-existing) skills. I was given the chance to focus on the instructor’s voice and my body’s response to it. I didn’t compare myself to anyone and anything, which is why I was able to create my own success – and be proud of it.

I know what you’re thinking: Jess, this is supposed to be a music blog. Why are you talking about sports? Well, here’s the thing: even though the instructor was killing it with her motivating spirit and energy, the class wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was without that badass playlist we were listening to. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. Guys, I was literally trying to shazam every single song. With my phone. That was in the locker. In a different room. Upstairs. It was by far the best playlist I had heard in a while and I was absolutely amazed by how the various workout methods matched each track. I was on my bike shaking my friend’s shoulder – she thought I was dying of exhaustion btw – and yelled: I have a plan!! That was the moment the idea for this blog post was born.

If you are one of my UK readers who lives in London then PLEASE check out Psycle. If there was a similar cycling class in Vienna, I’d sign up for it in a heartbeat.

Here is Katherine’s, aka my instructor, playlist! I believe it’s changed weekly so go and follow Psycle London on Spotify to stay updated!

Ps.: Katherine, if you’re reading this: your motivation, energy and joy were absolutely inspiring.  Psycle is lucky to have you.


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