Event | Brand New Beat


On April 20th I was a speaker at Brand New Beat, which took place at Regent’s University in London. It was a student-led event that was focusing on music and branding within the music industry. There were five singers who wowed everyone with their unique talent and three speakers, all of them working in very different areas of the music industry. Besides giving people the chance to make connections and learn more about branding, the event was also raising money for Bloodwise Cancer Research.

In my speech I was talking about why I founded my blog and how it can help up and coming artists. I mentioned some of the sources I use to discover new music and the importance of always being up-to-date with things that are going on in the industry. Even though it can be challenging for a music blogger to have a voice amongst magazines like Rolling Stone or Complex, I told everyone that just because I don’t have a degree yet or just because I’m at the beginning of my career, doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to say. My success is on its way and I came to stay.

I am going to introduce you all to both, musicians and speakers. Each and everyone of them was great in their own way so please check them out and support them the way you support me.

Yael Borger | Musician

Yael was the first singer to perform and she definitely knew how to kick off the evening and get people excited. She has already been to festivals like Tomorrowland and used the event to introduce guests to some of her original songs.

Yael Borger | © Nicole LeBlanc

ILana Lorraine | Speaker, Sessions 58

Having worked for Sony, MTV EMAs and Capital Summertime Ball, ILana was probably the most experienced guest of that night. She talked about how important it is to find positivity in everything you do. Things might not go the way you want them to but that is not necessarily a bad thing. For her, it was the best thing that could’ve happened.

ILana Lorraine | © Nicole LeBlanc

Lois Barrett | Musician

Ohhh. To me, Lois was the biggest surprise of the night. She was quite shy and quiet off-stage and I wasn’t sure what to expect but when she got on stage she absolutely killed it. I was absolutely amazed by her, she’s an incredible guitarist!

Lois Barrett | © Nicole LeBlanc

Bella Eily | Musician

Bella, if you’re reading this: YOU KILLED IT. I absolutely loved Bella’s performance, it was good combination of original songs and covers. She’s got an incredible voice and I wish her set had been longer. No need to be insecure, girl – you got what it takes. Let Sabrina help you!

Bella Eily | © Nicole LeBlanc

Calum Plain | Speaker, ROOT Management Group

If there’s anyone who managed to inspire me that night, it was definitely Calum. We are the same age and he already has his own management company and is a lecturer at uni. He gave some important advices regarding networking and starting your own business. I don’t mean to sound cheesy or anything, but people like him are the reason I loved my trip to London. People there have dreams and are determined to do whatever it takes. My country could use some of that mentality.

Calum Plain | © Nicole LeBlanc

Ci Kay | Musician

Ci Kay was the only artist who rapped, which automatically made his performance more special. He had great energy and seemed to have a lot of fans in the audience. What I loved most was that he performed a song that he hasn’t finished yet. That took a lot of courage!

Ci Kay | © Nicole LeBlanc

Mike Watson | Musician

Mike was the last person to perform and I couldn’t have asked for a better closing act. He has an incredibly calming voice and I genuinely enjoyed every second of his set. I don’t know when he’s going to release new music, but when he does, I am definitely going to feature him on my blog.

Mike Watson | © Nicole LeBlanc

I would like to thank Regent’s and the Brand New Beat team for having me. You gave me a chance to introduce my platform to people who share the same passion – music. Thank you for being so welcoming and supportive. That night was a great opportunity for me to get to know people from the music industry and my speech was a great learning experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Evi – you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. ♡

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