Jess Recommends | One Dance by Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla


Okay, let me be honest for a second: I’m not the biggest Drake fan. I’m trying to understand all the hype around him, I swear I do, but still –  I don’t quite get it.

BUT. Yes, there’s a but. Even though I don’t go crazy for his music, every once in a while he releases a song that I do quite like. Actually, when I say that I like a Drake song, what I actually mean is that I love it. And I think if I tell people that I don’t a like certain artists’ music then I should be FAIR and admit it if I do actually enjoy listening to one of their songs (or two cause Hotline Bling is slowly but surely growing on me).

That’s the reason why today’s blog post is dedicated to Drake’s new song One Dance (ft. Wizkid & Kyla).

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The song is very chill and laid-back and the beats sound partly oriental to me, which add some serious summer vibes to the track. The chorus is repetitive in itself so it’s really catchy and easy to remember. As for the lyrics, I’ve got to say that they are very well written. They enable the listener to get into character and imagine all the different situations described. That is something that I look for in songs! Even though I might not be able to relate to everything that artists sing about, I want to be able to at least imagine certain scenarios, which is why good lyrics are so essential.

My favorite part, however, is when the sick beat kicks in after:

Cause if you’re down, I’ll take it slow / Make you lose control

I was going to write a couple more lines about what’s so special about this song but my grammar and spelling have reached a new low today and I keep editing every sentence like a million times. But hey, maybe you’re not a fan of long blog posts anyway so just go ahead and listen to One Dance (yes, it’s already in my Spring 2016 playlist):


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