Concert | Years & Years


Attention: The following blog post might contain some spoilers. Stop reading if you haven’t seen Years & Years on their current tour yet. I don’t wanna ruin the experience for you!

I’ve been to a lot of concerts but Years & Years’ gig is by far one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Last night they proved that you don’t need to have numerous props on a big ass stage just to keep the crowd going. They recreated their colorful album cover with led lights and put it on the wall behind them, which was shining accordingly to the songs they were performing. This might sound quite minimalistic but I couldn’t have asked for a better stage production to be honest.

Years & Years |© Henriette Jessica Kádár

The band was playing for a little over an hour and even though I can’t remember the entire set list, I’m pretty sure they played almost every song that appears on their debut album Communion. The fans sang along to every song, which took the band by surprise. Especially Olly wasn’t able to hide his excitement as he randomly started laughing in the middle of a couple songs which gave the crowd the chance to basically sing the song instead of him. You could see how happy it made the band to see all those people sing the words back to them and I feel like that’s the main reason why the whole show was so authentic and chill.

What I loved about the show is the band’s, okay, actually Olly’s interaction with the fans. There was this one girl who held up a sign that said something like “please let me sit next to you during the next song”… and she did. Olly got her on stage and the girl was sitting next to him while he gave a beautiful performance of Eyes Shut. Another cute moment was when he took one person’s sign that said “can you see me shining” in the front and “hug me” on the back… so he did. Olly got off stage for a couple seconds and gave that person a big ass hug! I love how all those little, spontaneous moments made the show a bit more special than it already was.

Years & Years | © Henriette Jessica Kádár

One of my favorite things, however, was Olly’s dance moves! I’m not gonna go into detail cause I’d have to dedicate a whole blog post to his stage presence but here’s what I can tell you: that boy’s hips don’t lie.

Also, before I forget it: Klyne was the band’s support act and even though their set didn’t last more than 20 minutes, they managed to raise the fan’s excitement to a new level! My favorite song was Closer – the ballad gave the lead singer the chance to show off his vocals, which were pretty impressive to be fair!

If you get the chance to see either one of the bands – PLEASE do yourself a favor and go their gigs. Both shows were incredible and if I had the chance to turn back time and relive the shows, I’d do it at least a hundred times.

Years & Years | © Henriette Jessica Kádár

ps.: you can use my super non-professional photos as long as you give me some credit!


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