New Release | Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande


Alright, honesty hour: when I found out that Ariana Grande’s new single was going to be called Dangerous Woman, I couldn’t help but wonder what the message of this new tune would be. From what I have seen on social media, Ariana is a huge supporter of female leadership, femininity and girl power. She encourages women to support each other and to accept all females as equally beautiful and powerful human beings. She also empowers women in terms of becoming their own boss and kick some ass without waiting for anyone’s approval. This is the feeling I get when I go through her posts on social media or when I watch her interviews. And even though I am not the biggest fan of her, I have to admit that this is the thing I admire most about her.

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But I get it. You’re not here to hear me talk about Ariana Grande’s character (which I actually know nothing about), you’re here to talk about her new single. Well, let’s do it then:

  1. I love it.
  2. I love it.
  3. I love it.

The song is exactly what I wanted it to be – and more! I love that the song starts off with her making absolutely clear that she is her own person and that she can do whatever the hell she wants without seeking for anyone’s approval. She knows what she came for, she knows what she’s doing, she knows whom she’s doing it with. And I like it. I like all of it. Before the song continues with this super badass attitude, she admits how this one person makes her feel like a dangerous woman who’s guilty of doing things she’s never done before and, more importantly, liking it.

To me, the song is about a confident, strong woman who realizes her sudden desire for being this dangerous woman that is drawn to the unknown. The message is accompanied by the bass that makes the song extra sexy and maybe even mysterious. I hope we’ll hear more of that when her next album, also called Dangerous Woman, comes out May 20th. But until then, let’s just all listen to her new single that is already my new anthem.


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