In the Spotlight | Jack Garratt


It’s time for me to introduce you to this year’s first In the Spotlight artist:

Jack Garratt

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You know that feeling when you just scroll through your social media feeds and you keep seeing a certain name pop up here and there – multiple times? Like no matter what you do, you just can’t escape that person’s (media) presence cause everybody seems to be talking about them? Literally everyone? From Bastille to James Bay to your neighbor’s dog?

Well, this is how I found out about Jack Garratt. There was this major buzz about him and his music on social media and no matter what I did, not one day went by without me reading his name on Twitter. So I did what I always do: I gave the artist a chance. I wanted to see why everyone was freaking out about his music. The first song I listened to was Weathered and while I didn’t completely hate it I couldn’t connect to it the way I wanted to. So I tried again and again. I listened to some of his other songs to find out why people wouldn’t stop talking about him and here’s the thing: I still wasn’t into it. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t convince me either. But hey, you know me: if things are bugging me I can’t let them go. So on February 19th, the day he released his debut album called Phase, I decided to give him another chance. I listened to the whole record and I don’t know really what happened but it just clicked in my brain. I was digging the album from the first song on and I suddenly understood what all the fuss was about (my favorite songs are Worry and Falling). I wasn’t questioning his music anymore, I was enjoying it. All of it.

Jack Garratt’s music is captivating, his style is intriguing, his voice is haunting. His record is definitely one of a kind and I think it speaks for itself – you just need to listen to it. It’s as perfect as a debut album can be and there’s no doubt that it’ll become a staple piece for people who consider Alternative music as the ultimate genre. From what I’ve seen it has already received a lot of attention and as far as I’m concerned there’s no end in sight. He’s booked for major festivals like Reading & Leeds, Way Out West and T in the Park and his own headlining UK tour is sold out so needless to say – Jack Garratt is just getting started.


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