New Discovery | Shark by Oh Wonder


As you all know by now, my New Discovery series is basically all about me being a complete idiot for taking ages to stumble across certain songs. The one I’m talking about today is called Shark and it’s by a band that has received a lot of attention in the past couple months, especially since they released their self-titled debut album Oh Wonder.

oh wonder
Image via

I found this song while doing a little research on Maximilian Mauracher, a Viennese Graphic Designer and Art Director whom I am going to interview for the upcoming Take – Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts. I found a fictional cover artwork for Shark on Mr. Mauracher’s website and it’s just as beautiful as the song itself. The catchy chorus is filled with a lot of emotion and passion, just like the rest of the album. There’s a certain simplicity to their music, especially to Shark, which I find weirdly comforting. This might sound a bit confusing but if you’re familiar with their songs you’ll know what I’m talking about! If you have never heard of Oh Wonder before then this is your chance to dive into a world of breathtakingly beautiful music produced by a duo that will slowly but surely put a (love) spell on you.

Listen to Shark here and let me know what you think!


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