Current Obsession | Stranger In A Room, Break Up In A Small Town


Today’s blog post is gonna be short and sweet because I’ve got some exams coming up that  I really need to study for! However, I would never want to miss a blog post soooo I thought I’d share some of my current obsessions with y’all!

Sara Hartman | Stranger In A Room (Cover)

sara hartman
Image via

If you read my blog post about Ellie Goulding’s concert in Vienna then this name will sound familiar to you. Sara Hartman was the opening act that night and even though she seemed a bit shy at the beginning, I gotta admit she put on a great show! While she mainly played her own songs for us, she did cover a song, which was Stranger In A Room (originally by Jamie xx). Her version is absolutely beautiful and it was definitely one of my highlights that night! You can check it out here.

Sam Hunt | Break Up In A Small Town

Image via

Even though this song came out in 2014, it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I was sent this song by my friend Carmen. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge country fan, but this song is actually quite catchy and it’s been on repeat ever since I first listened to it. I love the dynamic that’s created by singing AND talking – it’s really unique, which is probably what makes the song stand out. Watch the video here.


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