New Release | The Temple by Parson James


Today, Parson James released The Temple EP and it’s beautiful in every single way. It consists of a couple uptempo tracks (Temple and Sinner Like You) and also some soulful, heartwarming ballads (I’m looking at you, Waiting Game), which introduce him perfectly as a singer.

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The reason I was curious to see what the EP would sound like is because of a song called Religion, which I stumbled across about two years ago. According to iTunes, it’s a pop song but I feel like it sounds more rock, to be honest. After I listened to that song for like a thousand times, I was excited to hear more of his music, which is why I was more than surprised to find out that his songs Sinner Like You and Temple sounded a bit different from what I expected (and by ‘a bit’ I mean A LOT).

(Parson told me Religion was a leaked demo that he’s trying to take down so if you love that song as much as I do, then you might wanna listen to it before it’s gone forever.)

However, despite my earlier disappointment, I gotta admit that I’m really enjoying his new style! I think that the EP turned out great and that the diversity of the songs gives you a pretty good idea of the direction he wants his music to go into. I’m sure that the EP has what it takes to make people recognize how talented and passionate Parson is. His voice has got a lot of facets, which is an asset that not many singers have. People love him for his uniqueness and kindness (I’m looking at you, Santa Parson), and so do I.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… CONGRATULATIONS, PARSON!

ps.: today is just one of those days where literally everyone’s releasing new music! FOXES has a new album out called All I Need, Florrie’s back with a new single called Real Love and The Lumineers released Ophelia, the first single off their next album!


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