Concert | Ellie Goulding


Attention: The following blog post might contain some spoilers. Stop reading if you haven’t seen Ellie Goulding on her Delirium tour yet. I don’t wanna ruin the experience for you!

Last Friday I went to see Ellie Goulding and it was nothing like I expected it to be. I’ve been a fan of her since the very beginning so I was really excited to see her. The last time she was here she played in a rather small venue and the show was quite ‘plain’, meaning that the stage was quite small, she didn’t change outfits, didn’t have any dancers or props on stage etc. Regardless of it’s simplicity I gotta admit that I loved the show the way it was. I believe that artists don’t necessarily need to have a spectacular production in order to put on a great show! I’d rather have their talents speak for themselves.

This time, however, the show was completely different from anything I had ever seen her do. There were big screens on stage, the show was colorful, she had some dancers join her during a couple songs, she changed outfits… it was amazing. Her third album, Delirium, is a lot more fun an uplifting than her second record so I was pleased to see that the show reflected the joyful mentality of the album. Her production team did an incredible job!

One of the highlights was when Ellie asked us to sing Happy Birthday for her band member Chris! He seemed very touched by our singing and it was just a cute little moment that I’ll remember forever. Also, I love that it happened at our show – it made the concert a bit more unique and special.

While she mainly performed songs from her new album (e.g. Aftertaste, Something The Way You Move, On My Mind,…), she also sang some of her hits like Burn and I Need Your Love. The stripped down version of Devotion was probably one of my favorite performances!

All in all I gotta say that I was really satisfied with the show! Ellie and her band members seemed to have a lot of fun on stage and at one point she even said that up to that day we had been the loudest crown on the Delirium tour, which was a lovely thing to hear! Even though my friends didn’t come with me I enjoyed every second of the concert. The show was joyful and colorful, she mainly played upbeat songs and it truly felt like everyone had a great time.

Oh, and before I forget it: Ellie Goulding was supported by Sara Hartman who absolutely killed it! I only knew one song of hers but I gotta say I really enjoyed her show! She had great energy on stage and I couldn’t have asked for a better support.


Sara Hartman |© Henriette Jessica Kádár
Ellie Goulding | © Henriette Jessica Kádár
Ellie Goulding |© Henriette Jessica Kádár

ps.: you can use my super non-professional photos as long as you give me some credit!

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