New Release | ANTI by Rihanna


aadkjfkdljflkadjgioaerjfadlfmkdlafjgkladjgl = RIHANNA FINALLY DROPPED ANTI AND I CAN’T HANDLE IT.

After releasing three songs in 2015 (FourFiveSeconds, Bitch Better Have My Money, American Oxygen), she FINALLY released her eighth studio album ANTI, which isn’t anything like people expected it to be – it’s better (duh).

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ANTI consists of 13 songs (or 16 if you buy the deluxe version which you totally should) and if you listen to the whole record you might end up thinking: “okay, but like where’s the hit single though?” To be honest, the album is so different from anything she’s done so far that it’s really not that easy to say which song is gonna be on top of the radio charts. However, that does not mean that the songs are not enjoyable. On the contrary: ANTI must be Rihanna’s most grown-up, mature and compelling record she’s ever done. If I had to compare this album to the previous ones, I’d say it sounds like a mix of Music of the Sun (album #1) and Rated R (album #4), but on a more experienced level.

Besides the surprising sound of her music, there was a another highlight that raised peoples’ excitement to new heights: Rihanna gave her album away for free on Tidal. I repeat: ALBUM. FOR. FREE. Even though the offer didn’t last for long, I read some articles that said the album was downloaded over a million times, which is pretty remarkable considering that most albums cross that number after the first week of release (at least that’s my impression)!

The reason why I love this album so much is because she managed to stay true to her roots and still come up with a new, unique sound that pleases old and maybe even new fans. She’s her honest, unapologetic self that people have gotten used to over the years but she also managed to pick up the sound from her first records that people fell in love with. Rihanna generated a whole new sound for ANTI and you either love it or you hate it. If you know her previous records because you have been a fan for years then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this album as much as I do. If, however, you only listen to (her) songs that   are played on the radio, then chances are that you won’t be able to appreciate the record as it is simply not your style.

Either way, I think ANTI is definitely worth the hype. Not only did Rihanna reinvent herself, she also managed to create a whole new sound that fits her like a glove. Rather than recording numerous dance tracks like she’s done it in the past, the songs are way more laid-back and chill. It’s the album you never knew you needed until you had it.

And now, if you’ll excuse me: I’ll embrace my anti-social self and listen to ANTI until the night falls.




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