New Release | Coasts by Coasts


It’s here, guys. Coasts’ self-titled debut album is finally here and I couldn’t be happier.

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If you know me in person or read my blog, then you’ll know that I mainly listen to Alternative/Indie music, which is probably why I find it hard to discover bands that stand out.  Coasts, however, have that distinct sound that makes them unique, which I think is quite an accomplishment considering that pretty much everything’s been done already.

The album consists of 10 songs (or 16 if you buy the deluxe version!), featuring two of my favorite songs, Oceans and You, which were released before the album came out. The whole record is very uptempo and fun, just like I expected it to be – it’s the kind of music that instantly puts you in a good mood. In fact, if I went on a road trip with my friends, I’d definitely bring this album with me and turn up the volume to the max. You know how a lot of people say that certain scents remind them of certain situations? Well, in my case it’s music that makes me think back of all the fun moments. One of my friends, for example, is absolutely obsessed with You, which is why I think of her every time I listen to it.

What I love about Coasts the most is that they managed to find their own, distinct sound, which makes their album sonically cohesive. The few songs that came out before the album were the perfect taste of what was yet to come and I’m happy that the rest of the record turned out the way it did. Like I said, most of the songs are really upbeat and fun to bang your head to and to be honest, I’d rather play their music at my party than all the mainstream crap you hear on the radio (okay, okay – not everything’s bad…but still)!

Listen to Oceans to get a feeling of what their music sounds like and make sure you check out the rest of their songs on Spotify, iTunes… whatever you prefer!

ps.: my favorite songs (except the ones already mentioned) are: Wolves, Wash Away, Tonight, As Long As I Need You, See How and Stone!

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