Review | Music in 2015


Guys, this is my last blog post that goes up in 2015! I’ve been writing this blog for four months now and I’m actually really enjoying it, which means that I’ll definitely be back next year (you’re welcome)!

Alright, for today’s post I thought I’d review the music that we’ve been listening to in 2015! Even though I’m not quite satisfied with what the music industry has to offer at the moment I will admit that there are a couple songs that had me dancing, crying etc. throughout the year. I thought a lot about 2015 and even though the world had to face pain, loss and tragedy that was caused by cruel and (politically) inhuman actions, 2015 was also a year of joy, success and achievements! Viola Davis is the first African-American woman to win lead actress in a drama series (Emmys), gay marriage is finally a thing in the United States of America, Adele broke the record for… well, I dunno, pretty much everything there is… and these are just a few examples! There are tons positive moments that shaped the year that is 2015! As for music, I truly feel like this has been the year of women coming together, celebrating each other and breaking the shit out of records!

It started off with Ellie Goulding‘s Love Me Like You Do, which is probably one of the top 10 songs of 2015.

Then we have Taylor Swift who generally slays at everything but her music video for Bad Blood was on a whole other level of female power.

Both, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato came back with an album that made sure people won’t forget about them anytime soon.

Hilary Duff released a new record after like, I dunno, six years? She was one of my childhood heroes and I’m glad she’s finally back!

Tori Kelly put our her debut album Unbreakable Smile, which helped her get the recognition she deserves! She’s by far one of the best vocalists out there and I cannot wait for her to keep slaying next year.

Alessia Cara is definitely on of my favorite newcomers of 2015. Watch out for her!

Elle King released her debut album Love Stuff and she’s already nominated for a Grammy – say whaaaaaaat.

If critics thought that Sia would back off after the success she had with Chandelier then they were clearly wrong. She didn’t go anywhere!

One of my favorite artists, Halsey, released her debut album BADLANDS and her gig at Madison Square Garden is already sold out!


There are many women who were absolutely on fire this year!  The ones mentioned above are just some of my favorites! And to be fair, there are also plenty of male artists/bands who made 2015’s music a memorable one!

Let’s start with James Bay who released his debut album Chaos And The Calm and got nominated for three Grammys!

Another artist who put out a debut album is Shawn Mendes. I think that he’s a great example of how social media can help shape someone’s career. He’s a young yet very talented guy and I cannot what to see what else he’s got in store for us!

X Ambassadors also received lots of attention this year. What I love about the band is that their songs (Renegades, Unsteady) are relatable.

The Weeknd has been on fire for numerous reasons this year. Period.

One of my all-time favorite artists, Ed Sheeran, decided to take a little break from social media, but considering the musical success he’s had I gotta admit it’s well-deserved.

Troye Sivan released his debut album at the beginning of the month and he’s already got fans like Taylor Swift, Adele and Sam Smith! Watch out for him cause 2016 will be his year.

Coldplay, one of the best bands ever, released a new album and it’s just perfect.


Again, this is just a selection of my absolute favorites! There are a lot of other artists (e.g. Florence + the Machine, Imagine Dragons, Years & Years, DNCE…) who made this year’s music a whole lot better!

Alright, that’s it then! I hope you like my little selection of artists who smashed it this year! What were some of your highlights? Anything that stuck out to you?


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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