Playlist | Winter 2015/16


Three months ago I shared my Autumn 2015 playlist with y’all. Now that the season’s changed I went on Spotify and created my Winter 2015/16 playlist, which will be updated until the very first day of spring. As per usual, I’d like to point out that the name of my playlists does not represent the theme of the songs. I might add one or two Christmas songs but I if I feel like listening to a summertime rap song, I will add that too.

This season’s playlist starts off with artists like Parson James, Astrid S, Nothing but Thieves, Zerbin – and many more! As you can see, I like to keep it diverse! I’m convinced that each and everyone of you will find a song that matches their taste, and if not: be open-minded! I know this must sound a bit ironic coming from me, but trust me when I say that sometimes you need to let go of your comfort zone in order to make new experiences (okay, okay, I’ll stop before this blog post gets too deep).

Here’s the playlist:


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