Current Obsession | Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay


As some of you may know, Coldplay recently released their new album A Head Full Of Dreams. It’s been all over social media, which I don’t mind to be honest. Have you seen the cover artwork? It’s super tripy and colorful! Everytime I look at it I discover a new element that hadn’t been there before – I swear!

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There are eleven tracks on the album and almost each of them matches this fun, uplifting vibe that you get when you see the cover. The songs put you in a good mood as they are quite upbeat. I watched a couple of their performances online (yes, I’m that kind of person) and I love how they manage to transfer this positive feeling you get from both, the cover artwork and the music onto the stage. The energy the band has while performing is crazy – no wonder everybody goes nuts for the band. And let’s be honest, guys: everyone loves Coldplay. That’s just a plain fact. While there are many artists out there who are quite polarizing (you either love them or you hate them), I feel like Coldplay is just one of those bands that everybody enjoys listening to (same goes for Mumford & Sons btw). It almost seems like there’s no shitstorm, no negativity, no hate – just pure love and joy.

I listened to the album a couple times now but I gotta admit: I already found my favorite song when it was premiered on BBC Radio 1. It’s called Hymn For The Weekend (with BEYONCÉ). I don’t know about you guys, but I freaked out when I found out about this collaboration. You know me, I love nothing more than two random artists coming together to work on a song. I feel like these artists’ music could not be any different from each other, which is probably why I love this song so much. I’m all about blurring the lines between genres and creating something that will shock the people (and the music industry), so I’m more than happy with the outcome of this song. I think Coldplay and Queen B sound perfect together.

I was gonna tell you all about why I love this song so much but I think you’ll know it as soon as you listen to the track so make sure you check it out on Spotify, Apple Music… whatever your heart desires!

ps.: Coldplay’s going on a big ass tour next year (they’re basically playing stadium after stadium) ! Click here for more info.


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