New Discovery | Knife Edge by Martin Luke Brown


Guys, I’ve discovered a new song so I thought I’d share it with y’all (you’re welcome). It’s one of those songs where I just absolutely enjoy listening to the lyrics as they make it easy to relate to the story that’s being told. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life lately – where I am, where I wanna be, what I’m missing out on etc. and I feel like this song explains the inner workings of my mind (did you get the reference? pls get it) pretty well.

The song that I’d like to introduce you to is called Knife Edge and it’s by Martin Luke Brown (which is such a cool name tbh). According to iTunes it’s a pop song but I think it has some alternative rock elements to it – at least that’s the vibe I’m getting (it’s been on repeat for like the past hour). It’s quite upbeat so it’s definitely one of those songs that’ll make you bang your hands on the counter.

The singer has such interesting tone to his voice! It’s a bit raspy but he also manages to reach some high notes, which is kind of a cool combination. I feel like there are a lot of singers out there who either go for that high stuff or they go for the deep, raspy approach but not many people seem to combine the two and I think that’s one reason why I love this song so much. It kinda makes the the lyrics of the song more believable and relatable. My favorite lines are:

“should be laughing, dancing on the sharp end of the knife / tired of standing, sinking sun, hands behind my back”

“and now I’ve realized that you terrify me / and it’s the first time that I feel alive”

Here’s the link to the song – make sure you check it out!


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