New Release | Blue Neighbourhood by Troye Sivan


If you read my blog then you’re probably familiar with the name that is  Troye Sivan. The last time I talked about him he had just released his EP WILD and today, exactly three months later, Troye Sivan put out his debut album called

Blue Neighbourhood

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The album consists of 10 to 16 (deluxe version) songs, including 3 to 6 (deluxe version) songs that you’re already familiar with if you’ve listened to WILD. Genre-wise I’d say that Blue Neighbourhood is definitely a pop album with some electronic elements sprinkled all over it. It’s sonically cohesive, which shows that Troye really knows what kind of direction he wants his music to go to. I’d say that most of the songs on the album are semi-upbeat, if that even makes sense. The songs are not full-on dance tracks but there are definitely enough beats to get you in a good mood and movin’. As for the lyrics, I have to say that they are very well-written! I don’t know if Troye wrote them all by himself or if he worked with some gifted songwriters but to me it seems like Troye’s really put his heart and soul into the lyrics. They show how vulnerable he can be, which allows the listeners to relate to both, him and the message of each song. There’s a hidden honesty in each track, meaning that you might have to pay full attention to the songs in order to understand their message and purpose. This might sound bad, but it really isn’t. While I love listening to songs that don’t require much imagination when it comes to “correctly” interpret the message, I love listening to music that’s not too obvious. I love picking the songs apart and putting them back together, piece by pice, in order to understand the artist’s intentions.

I think that Troye’s music is honest and mature. It speaks to a generation that’s shaped by prejudices, misconceptions and insecurities, which I feel like is somehow caused by the media. But the music also speaks to a generation that is fearless, diverse and ready to make a change. It speaks to a generation that is caring, loving and kind. It speaks to a generation that has hopes, dreams and desires.

Blue Neighbourhood was released by the right person at the right time. It embraces people to be passionate and have courage to go after their dreams. It makes people realize that the sky is not the limit, it’s only the beginning. But more importantly, it helps people to be themselves.

ps.: Coldplay released their new album A Head Full of Dreams – make sure you check it out! My favorite song is Hymn for the Weekend!


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