Artist of the Month | Adele


A lot of music has been released this month but there’s one artist who broke record after record: Adele. If there’s one person who knows how to come back with a new album and turn the music industry upside down, it’s definitely her. It’s safe to say that Adele is by far one of the most talented and unique artists out there. Her powerful vocals and incredible songwriting skills leave everyone breathless. She’s gained so much respect from people in the industry that some artists even decided to push back the release date of their own music, which is just crazy.

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When you wait four years for a new album to be released, all you want is for it to blow your mind away. You have high excpectations because the previous music had such an impact on peoples lives. When Adele released Hello I think it was clear for everyone that the album would be a success. There are many artists out there who are either loved or hated, but when it comes to Adele I feel like no person in their right mind dares to say anything negative about her. She’s like the cherry on top. Everyone loves it.

Most of the songs are more uptempo than Hello, but they are equally as beautiful and powerful. Every song has its moments that are absolutely breathtaking. The lyrics make you feel the kind of love you’ve never felt before. They introduce you to feelings you didn’t even know were there. They make you relate to something that you’ve probably never experienced before. That’s what makes Adele so special (besided her vocals, of course, which are out of this world).

I could go on and on about why Adele deserves to be artist of the month, but the truth is: Adele’s an artist of a lifetime. People will continue appreciating her talents, buying her music and loving her genuine passion fpr music. Adele shows that honesty goes a long way.

ps.: what are your favorite songs off 25? Mine are Hello, I Miss You, Remedy, Water Under the Bridge, River Lea and Love in the Dark!

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