On the Road | Stockholm

Hey there!

Alright, as some of you may now I’m going to Stockholm for the weekend and I’M SO EXCITED. I’ve been planning to go on a trip for a while now but something always came in my way, which is why I’m even more excited to finally get on the plane. I thought I would use the opportunity to create a playlist for the trip! It’ll include some old, as well as some new songs. They are supposed to put my friend and I in a good mood and also, give us the chance to chill out during the flight.

To keep this blog post short I picked out five songs that are supposed to show you the vibe I’m going for. Remember that everyone’s got their own type of songs they like to listen to while they’re on the road so don’t freak out if the following songs aren’t anything like the ones you’d enjoy listening to.

The Neighbourhood | Sweater Weather

The first song that came to my mind when I started creating the playlist was Sweater Weather. Since I’m going to the North I decided to fill my suitcase with every sweater I own. I’m the freezing type of person. As for the song, I think it’s safe to say that I will never not love it. It only came out two years ago but to me, it’s already a classic.

M83 | Midnight City

If you love listening to Alternative music then you know that this song is a gem. Just like Sweater Weather, this is one of those songs that I could listen to anywhere at anytime – especially on a plane on my way to Stockholm.

Paramore | Ain’t It Fun

A road trip without one of my all-time favorite bands? Never. Ain’t It Fun is one of those song that always puts me in a good mood so it’s definitely got a safe spot in my playlist.

The Kooks | Naive

Every road trip playlist needs that one throwback song that brings back all the memories (#TeamSeth). If your squad doesn’t jam out to this one…

Saint Raymond | Everything She Wants

This song was featured on the second episode of season 2 of The Royals. I basically freak out every time I recognize a song that’s used on TV and this one in particular it such a fun, uplifting yet laid-back song – it’s perfect for going on holiday with your friends.

Alright, these are just a couple songs that will definitely be on repeat this weekend. If you disagree with my song choices then feel free to recommend me some of your road trip essentials – I love finding out what others enjoy listening to in certain situations. If, however, you do like the songs mentioned above then make sure to check out my Autumn 2015 playlist on Spotify, which I constantly update!


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