Current Obsession | IKWYDLS by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello




Alright, real talk: you know that moment when you find out that two artists are gonna collab on a song and you just KNOW that the song’s gonna be everything anyone could ever ask for? The anticipation and excitement is so real that you’re literally jumping up and down on your bed cause you are 100% sure that the song’s gonna be your jam?

I lost all my chill when I found out that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello collaborated on a song called IKWYDLS (= I Know What You Did Last Summer). What I love about it so much (besides the fact that it’s perfect) is the process of how it got written. I watched a couple interviews and they said that they came up with the song while they were backstage at a Taylor Swift show. It wasn’t planned or forced, it basically just happened. And I love it. I love how passion and joy can bring people together. I love how it inspires them to create something that fulfills them, and eventually others, with happiness. I really enjoy listening to collaborations but some of the songs don’t seem authentic to me. Even though they sound amazing and stuff I feel like sometimes it’s obvious that the song really is nothing more than just a collab between two people who needed one more song on their album. IKWYDLS, however, is different. It sounds and feels authentic, genuine and real. It reminds me of why I love music so much and why I get excited when two people come together to share their passion, knowledge and creativity to come up with something new.

What I love about the song itself is how perfect Camila’s and Shawn’s voices sound together. Shawn’s voice is a bit more aggressive than usually. I like how he makes you feel his pain and anger by attacking the chorus. Camila’s voice starts off strong but it gets super soft and angelic during the chorus, which allows her to project her emotions into the song.

I cannot wait to see the music video and I hope they’ll perform this song live! In the meanwhile, I’m gonna listen to the studio version at least 1000000000000 times. You should too.

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