In the Spotlight | Astrid S


Guys! I’ve been wanting to talk about this girl for months now but for some reason I never shared her music with any of y’all – yes, shame on me. Buuuut better late than never, right? To make it up to you I decided to pick her as my next ‘In the Spotlight’ singer. Her music’s been getting a lot of attention lately AND I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.

Astrid S

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A couple months ago I stumbled across her song 2AM. I remember falling in love with it the second I heard it for the very first time. I was obsessed and it became my jam for weeks. You know when you hear a song and you love every single thing about it? From the beat to the lyrics to the cover artwork – 2AM is perfection.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much the only music she’d put out for a while so imagine my reaction when I found out she did a collab with Shawn Mendes. SHAWN MENDES. I just couldn’t believe that such an underrated, not-so-famous singer like Astrid was featured on Shawn’s album, which was pretty successful in the U.S. (also, he went on tour with Taylor Swift, which is kinda awesome if you ask me). So yeah, there it was: a song called Air, sung by two young and talented artists. What I love about it so much is that even though Astrid’s voice suits the song, you can still kind of hear her own unique style coming to the surface. She manages to blend in and stand out at the same time and that is not an easy task to fulfill. I feel like a lot of people lose their unique touch once they collab with other artists, which is why it’s so nice to listen to someone like Astrid. Even though she’s only at the beginning of her career she’s able to stay true to her own style. It’s a rarity that deserves people’s attention.

It’s almost like Astrid knew I couldn’t wait to hear more of her own music cause last month she released Hyde, her new single (yes, it’s been on repeat ever since). FINALLY. Y’all know that I’m always excited about new music but when it comes to musicians who haven’t released a proper EP yet, let alone an album … I just cannot deal with the anticipation. As people on social media would say: the struggle is real. What I love about Hyde is that it tells one of those unfinished stories that you are dying to hear. It leaves you wanting more, wondering what’s gonna happen next and, eventually, how it’ll end. It’s like a cliffhanger that will never be unraveled so you keep listening to the song over an over again, trying to figure out the missing piece. Well, at least that’s what it’s like for me. But who knows, maybe you’re a genius and get it right away (you won’t so don’t even try to show off).

Before I end this blog post I’d like to share my favorite part of Hyde, which goes like this:

“What if you understood all the words I’m too afraid to say out loud?”

I could talk about the beauty and meaning of this phrase for ages so instead I’ll just ask you to click right here to check out Hyde. Or you can click here to listen to 2AM, which is still my favorite song of hers! Either way, I’m excited to finally have introduced you to Astrid S, an artist who’s about to blow everyone’s mind. I think it’ll take a couple months till we’re gonna hear her music on the radio (in Austria!), but when the time has come we’ll be craving more.

Just you wait.





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